8th MMFO

The curriculum is performance-based training, using current educational approach such as problem-based learning and inquiryled that allows participants to develop critical thinking and lifelong learning skills.
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8th MMFO

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The Asian Collaborative Network for Malaria (ACTMalaria) and the Bureau of Vector Borne Disease (BVBD), Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health, Bangkok,Thailand commenced the 47-day-training of the “8th Management of Malaria Field Operations” (MMFO) last 4 October 2013 which was launched last August 19, 2013 in Bangkok , Thailand.

The training was attended by 27 participants from the 13 countries namely Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Oman, and Ethiopia. The course was specially conducted to assist mid-level malaria control managers in strengthening and enhancing their knowledge and skills to analyze, plan, implement and evaluate malaria control programmes in their respective work area. The learning methodology that was used in the course was the Problem Based Learning (PBL). The training aimed to apply critical thinking and management principle to improve evidence-based malaria control; engage in participatory-based approaches to malaria control; and advocate for malaria control. These were achieved through the skills including fundamental management skills, situation analysis, working with stakeholders and communities; management and implementation; applied field work; strategic planning and through individual project. The course assessed both outcomes of learning and design of instruction. The course also attempts to assess the unintended learning outcome. The participants evaluated the course design through structured questionnaires and free comments.

This training has been adapted by national malaria control program of countries and have concluded that the training meet the needs of malaria control in their respective countries. Alumni of the international training have successfully implemented the training in a national level. Creating an indispensable work force in the NMCP through the lives of the alumni is one milestone of the network's capacity building.

The participants from the non-member countries; Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Oman and Ethiopia

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