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Posted: 08 Sep 2014
Drug Resistant Malaria Threatens Control Programmes
Posted: 04 Apr 2014
Small bite, BIG threat!
Posted: 16 Jan 2014
ACTMalaria News Vol 16, Issue 4
Posted: 10 Dec 2013
ACTMalaria News, Vol 16, Issue 3
Posted: 08 Nov 2013
World Health Day - 7 April 2014
Posted: 08 Nov 2013
On-line training on malaria
Posted: 06 Oct 2013
ACTMalaria News Vol 16, Issue 2
Posted: 10 Sep 2013
Mosquito LSM - Cochrane Review
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World Health Day 2014 ~ Small Bite: Big Threat ~ April 7, 2014
Welcome to - ACTMalaria (Asian Collaborative Training Network for Malaria) is an inter-country training and communication network which includes National Malaria Control Programmes of Bangladesh, Cambodia, PR China, Republic of Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Timor-Leste, and Vietnam. [ more about ACTMalaria ]

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ACTMalaria: How It All Began

"... The outcome of the meeting was the creation of an informal network for malaria training at the national and international levels as well as the establishment of an information communication network. The collaborative group was named ACTMalaria ..."

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Malaria: Life Cycle of Plasmodium

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The 8th Management of Malarua Field Operations
International Training Course on Management of Malaria
8th MMFO
International Programs- Department of Tropical Hygiene

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Posted: 04 Apr 2014
World Malaria Day 2014
Posted: 18 Nov 2013
APMEN-ACTMalaria announce regional partnership
Posted: 08 Nov 2013
Posted: 26 Apr 2013
WHO urges greater efforts in the fight against malaria
Posted: 25 Apr 2013
Mosquito be Dead- Press Release

Country Focus [ more here ]
Posted: 19 Oct 2009
Training of Trainers in Malaria Microscopy in Myanmar
Posted: 15 Dec 2008
Local Malaria Trainings in the Philippines

General Discussions [ more here ]
Posted: 20 Nov 2013
Super Typhoon Haiyan strikes Philippines central islands
Posted: 02 Mar 2012
ISO 9001 Training
Posted: 30 Jul 2010
Malaria in the Philippines

The Life Cycle of the Malaria Parasite

Life Cycle of the Malaria Parasite

Courtesy of
Wellcome Trust

Roll Back Malaria World Malaria Day 2009

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